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We want YOUR HELP to #ActivateBridgewater!

From now through the end of September 2021, the Town of Bridgewater is planning to make some small, tactical changes to Downtown Bridgewater and we'd love to hear your ideas to #ActivateBridgewater! We're looking for suggestions on how we can bring these spaces to life and make them welcoming, interesting places where everyone can gather and play all year long.

NEW! As part of this project a local artist will be creating an illuminated terrarium art project downtown. We need your help to make it happen! Either join us for a terrarium building event on Sunday, September 19, from 1 to 4 p.m. or check out the information kit to learn how to make a terrarium yourself and where to drop it off so it becomes part of the art project.

The public can drop off any "Do It Yourself" terrariums at DesBrisay Museum during regular open hours, Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. up until Saturday, October 9. 

Terrarium Portal info kit 2

RivingtonStreetPaintedPlanters1WHAT IS A TACTICAL CHANGE?
A tactical change to the urban environemnt is not a major project -- instead, it's a low-cost and possibly temporary change to the built environment that is designed to improve local neighbourhoods and gathering places.

Do you want to see more seating, fun seating, artwork, games to play, shade to sit under, lighting for the evenings, more greenery? Let us know! We know we'll receive a lot of ideas and although we won't be able to make them all happen we want to create spaces that are inspired by the community.

We have a survey you can take to help shape your downtown -- click here to participate!


When you're providing your input, you'll want to think about spaces in our downtown that tend to be active when they are programmed (with events, concerts, or programs), but less active at other times.


One example is Pijinuiskaq Park. With easy access to the LaHave River, a berthing dock for small watercraft, bench seating, and little nooks to explore, Pijinuiskaq Park has a great base. What additions could the town make to that park that would encourage you to stay a little while and increase your enjoyment of the park?

Another example you could think about is the lot located at 541 King Street. While this property is privately owned, the landowner has given us permission to ask about the kinds of low-cost, tactical additions you think would make this property a more thriving and vibrant space.

The Nova Scotia Business and Economic Labour Coalition has launched a community-led placemaking program that will help 20 communities across Nova Scotia improve their public spaces and the attractiveness and livability of their community through quick-hit, tactical plans.

Bridgewater has been identified as one of the first 10 communities and the goal is to achieve tangible results by the end of September. Develop Nova Scotia will be providing guidance and resources to help us move our project forward and funding for the project is being provided through the Nova Scotia COVID Response Council at Dalhousie.