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The application process for the Energize Bridgewater Advisory Committee is now closed (as of end of day April 30, 2020).  Thank you to everyone who applied for membership on the committee.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within a few weeks of the closing date.

What is Energize Bridgewater?

Energize Bridgewater is a Town of Bridgewater initiative that’s developing concrete solutions to reduce energy poverty in the community, while shifting to a clean energy economy. The program will improve residents’ access to energy, housing, and transportation. Learn more about the program, please click here

What is the purpose of the Committee?

The Energize Bridgewater Advisor Committee will provide guidance and direct feedback to Bridgewater Town Council and our project team. Important focus areas for the Advisory Committee include energy affordability, accessibility, and sustainability, as well as community engagement. To download a PDF of the Energize Bridgewater Advisory Committee (EBAC) terms of reference, please click here.

Who should apply for the Committee?

We are seeking the greatest diversity of voices possible. We need 2 Bridgewater residents and up to 6 community businesses or organizations to be part of this Committee. Organizations that have experience in the social services, energy, transportation, finance, and housing are particularly sought after. Priority will be given to residents who self-identify as: youth, seniors, members of minority groups including the indigenous community, and those who have experienced what it is like to have difficulty affording their energy needs.  The application process is now closed.

How often will the Committee meet and how long is membership?

The Committee meets approximately once every 2 months. Committee membership is three years. 

How can I learn more about this Committee?

To learn more about the Energize Bridgewater Advisory Committee (EBAC), please phone Project Manager Colleen O'Neill at 902-523-2937.

How do I apply for the Committee?

The application process is now closed.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application soon.