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Green, Self-Supportive, Local Economy

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Economic uncertainty and poverty are common to our region. Bridgewater has been lucky to experience modest growth, but our community remains vulnerable to economic disruptions. A sustainable economic future is one in which we embrace the new “green economy” and adapt to constantly changing markets through a culture of collaboration and creativity. Wealth generated here stays here, and is shared by all people in our community through fulfilling work and lifestyles.

We have 3 goals for a sustainable local economy:

  1. Bridgewater has a diverse and resilient local economy
  2. All people in our community have access to a decent livelihood and a good standard of living
  3. Goods are produced and consumed locally using environmentally responsible practices


What is the Town of Bridgewater currently doing to promote a sustainable local economy?
  Downtown & Waterfront Master Plan.  This new document creates a comprehensive vision and plan for improving Bridgewater’s downtown core over a span of about 20 years.  The Plan illustrates many improvements that, together, will contribute to a vibrant and livable downtown with a renewed focus on the LaHave River, greatly improved pedestrian access, high quality new public spaces, more efficient land use, improved urban design, as well as strategies to improve the business climate.  The plan will be completed in 2013.


How will the Town of Bridgewater measure success in the future?

Over the long term, our goal is that a sustainable local economy will result in the following measurable changes in the community:

diverse and resilient economy:

- greater local businesses ownership
- more small businesses
- more satisfying business climate
- greater diversity of the regional economy

decent livelihoods and good standards of living:

- less poverty
- more income equity
- more employment that meets people’s needs
- more adult education & training
- more affordable housing

environmentally responsible businesses:

- more sustainable purchasing practices
- more goods produced & consumed locally

We will achieve these successes by continuing to improve our own operations, by working with community partners and businesses to start new programs, by setting appropriate public policies that relate to the local economy, and by advocating for sustainable economic policies at the provincial and federal levels of government.

Sustainability News & Updates

Bridgewater won $5 million through the national Smart Cities Challenge competition!  The money will be used to fund energy poverty reducction strategies in the community.  Learn more about the Energize Bridgewater program.

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