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Alternative Transportation

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Our vehicles are powered by fossil fuels (mostly gasoline & diesel). Rising fuel costs, dwindling oil reserves, and climate change threaten our community’s ability to get around in the future. In addition, many people in our community don’t have access to transportation of any kind. A sustainable transportation future is one in which all people can access a range of greener, affordable, healthy ways of getting around, including on foot, by wheeling, car-sharing, and good public transit systems.

We have 3 goals for sustainable transportation:

  1. People choose to use active transportation (AT) as the primary means of getting around town
  2. People use environmentally responsible practices when traveling to and from Bridgewater
  3. All people in our community have access to a successful public transit system


What is the Town of Bridgewater currently doing to promote sustainable transportation?
  Active Transportation. The Bridgewater Active Transportation Committee works with community partners to make Bridgewater a more walking / cycling / wheelchair - friendly community and improve sidewalks and street infrastructure. The committee is currently implementing a 3-year outreach and education program to encourage people in Bridgewater to walk and bike more.  Current projects include a "School Travel Planning" initiative with Bridgewater Elementary School, and community awareness raising events.  The Town also makes annual AT improvements, including sidewalk and crosswalk upgrades, and new infrastructures such as "shared bicycle lanes".  Click on the link to learn more.
  Public Transportation. The Town launched Bridgewater Transit service in 2017 as a 6-month pilot project.  Service delivery is ongoing.


How will the Town of Bridgewater measure success in the future?

Over the long term, our goal is that sustainable transportation will result in the following measurable changes in the community:

active transportation:

- more people using active transportation means
- more AT infrastructure
- improved public attitudes toward AT

environmentally friendly transportation:

- reduced greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles
- more businesses supporting alternative transportation

public transit:

- more people using public transit
- better public transit service within town

    We will achieve these successes by continuing to improve our own operations, by working with community partners and businesses to start new programs, by setting appropriate public policies that relate to transportation, and by advocating for sustainable transportation policies at the provincial and federal levels of government.

    Sustainability News & Updates

    Bridgewater won $5 million through the national Smart Cities Challenge competition!  The money will be used to fund energy poverty reducction strategies in the community.  Learn more about the Energize Bridgewater program.

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