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Healthy, Affordable, Local Food

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We define local food as (in order of preference): food grown in our community, in Lunenburg County, within 100 miles (160 km) of our community, and in Atlantic Canada. Most of the food we eat in Bridgewater is shipped in from thousands of kilometres away, and many people can’t afford or access healthy food. Global agriculture is severely challenged due to water shortages, pollution, depleting soil quality, rising energy costs, and insecure distribution systems. A sustainable food future will mean that all residents have access to safe, nutritious food that has been produced in an environmentally sustainable manner and that sustains our rural communities.

We have 2 goals for sustainable food:

  1. All people in our community can afford and have access to healthy local food
  2. Food sources and distribution systems are secure and can adapt to disruptions


What is the Town of Bridgewater currently doing to promote sustainable food?
  Supporting the Farmers Market.  The Town provides assistance every year to make sure that our community can continue to enjoy healthy local food at the market
  Supporting Community Gardens.  The Town is providing resources to assist community members with the development of our town's first community garden.  In 2012, the program expanded to other locations in the community through an initiative called "Incredible Edible Bridgewater".
  Breastfeeding Friendly Policy. On August 15, 2011, Bridgewater Town Council adopted a "breastfeeding friendly policy" to ensure that visitors and staff who want to nurse or breastfeed at Town facilities will have a quiet, comfortable space in which to do so.  Supporting breastfeeding in public spaces ensures that mothers feel supported, and that infants have access to save, healthy food at all times. 
  Health Food Policy.  On September 10, 2012, Bridgewater Town Council approved the “Healthy Eating in Recreation and Municipal Settings: Making Healthy Foods Available” policy, which makes healthy options available at Town-owned recreational facilities, programs, and events.


How will the Town of Bridgewater measure success in the future?

Over the long term, our goal is that sustainable food will result in the following measurable changes in the community:

affordable & accessible food: - more people eating healthy food
- more affordable healthy foo
secure food systems: - more people eating food that is locally produced
- more environmentally-friendly food production
- more local food production
- more food stored in Bridgewater
- more people taking part in self-sufficient food practice

We will achieve these successes by continuing to improve our own operations, by working with community partners and businesses to start new programs, by setting appropriate public policies that relate to food, and by advocating for sustainable food policies at the provincial and federal levels of government.

Sustainability News & Updates

Bridgewater won $5 million through the national Smart Cities Challenge competition!  The money will be used to fund energy poverty reducction strategies in the community.  Learn more about the Energize Bridgewater program.

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