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Town of Bridgewater -- 2022 Planning Review

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TOB Logo Planning Review Work Live Thrive 2022 V2 Alt versionAs Bridgewater grows to a population of 10,000 by 2036, we at the Town are exploring the impacts of growth and how to respond.

This means reviewing and updating our land use planning documents: the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and Subdivision Bylaw. These documents both guide and regulate land use in the town, from where new homes will be built, to improving transportation and transit, to enhancing the downtown and waterfront, to efficient use of infrastructure.

Finding a place to live and call home is a challenge for many in Bridgewater. Affordable housing is a major issue in the Town, and we’re looking at ways to provide affordable housing and improve housing affordability. This ranges from looking at requiring affordable housing in new developments to where new homes can be built using infrastructure efficiently, reducing costs to the Town and home buyer.

Bridgewater is an economic engine of the region and the regional service center – the Main Street of the South Shore. The Town boasts an expanding business park, numerous shopping areas, not to mention historic King Street, home to multiple breweries and restaurants. As a growing community, Bridgewater has business and employment opportunities for everyone.

Beyond living and working, Bridgewater is becoming a leader in lowering energy costs, and embracing active transportation. The community is also home to the region’s only local transit system. The Town has also committed to ensuring there are ample recreation opportunities for all ages throughout town. All of these initiatives are aimed to help the residents of Bridgewater thrive in their day to day lives. But we can always look to improve.

A big part of reviewing and updating our planning documents is engaging with stakeholders and the public to discuss the issues facing the Town over the next 20 years.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the plan review surveys. In updating our planning documents, we hope to ensure the residents of Bridgewater will not only find opportunities to live and work, but thrive.