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Committees and Commissions of Council

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The Bridgewater Board of Police Commissioners is a Board established in accordance with the Nova Scotia Police Act consisting of seven (7) members.  The seven member Board  is made up of 3 Councillors; 3 Council appointees who are neither Councillors nor employees of the Town; and 1 member appointed by the Minister of Justice. 

The Board shall assist the Police Chief in the creation of programs and strategies to implement priorities, objectives and goals respecting police services in the community. The Board acts as a conduit between the community and the police department to ensure police services are delivered in a manner consistent with community values, needs and expectations.  The Board works closely with the Police Chief to ensure both a strategic plan and business plan are in place. 

Active Transportation (AT) means using human-power transportation to move around.  Human-powered transportation includes walking, cycling, wheeling, in-line skating, skateboarding, cross country skiing, canoeing and kayaking.  It also describes the necessary infrastructure (for example, bike lanes and sidewalks) communities need to allow citizens to safely commute to and from work, school, businesses, playgrounds and green spaces.  The BATC works to support active transportation in Bridgewater by (a) consulting with, advising, and making recommendations to Town Council, (b) creating and influencing public policy, (c) improving infrastructure, (d) supporting and promoting community programs, (e) increasing partnerships and building capacity in the community, and (f) developing relevant tools and materials associated with active transportation policy, infrastructure and program implementation in Bridgewater.  View the BATC website to see more... www.bridgewater.ca/activetransportation

The objective of the Bridgewater Museum Commission is to operate, manage, and maintain one or more museums within the Town, including the DesBrisay Museum.   Their aim is to develop and operate educational and cultural programs, as well as, preserve and present artifacts, information, etc. which are of a historical, natural and/or cultural significance to the Town of Bridgewater and the surrounding County of Lunenburg.  The Commission consists of seven (7) members.  The membership is made up of  1 Councillor, 5 Council appointees; and 1 member representing the “Friends of the DesBrisay”.


The Heritage Advisory Committee is a Committee of the Town of Bridgewater designed to advise the Town on issues such as the designation of buildings, streetscapes and areas within the Town as Heritage Properties and advises the Town on applications to alter substantially or demolish a Heritage Property. The Committee consists of no less than 5 and no more than 7 members with the majority of members being residents or property taxpayers of the Town.

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Committee is a Committee of the Town whose objectives are to promote the opportunity for recreation and culture among residents within the Town and to advise Council on matters affecting the development and maintenance of recreation facilities, programs and services.  The Committee provides discussion and input on agreements entered into by the Town for the enhancement of recreation and park opportunities for its citizens.  The Commission consists of 9 members.  There are 2 members of Council, 6 residents, plus 1 member who is a resident of the Town under the age of 19.

The Public Service Commission of Bridgewater is a water utility under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Act whose main objective is to supply the Town of Bridgewater with a sufficient and safe supply of water for drinking and everyday living. The PSC, as it is also known as, makes all necessary replacements, renewals, betterments, additions, and extensions to the water treatment plant and equipment. The PSC is also responsible for the water rates and charges for the Town which are under the control of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. The Commission consists of 6 members, majority of which are Councillors.

  pdf YOUTH ENGAGEMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (102 KB) The Youth Engagement Advisory Committee is a committee of the Town whose purpose is to guide Council on local youth issues and on policies that impact youth in Bridgewater.  The committee will also play a key role in the development and implementation of events and activities for youth in the Town. There are 12 members on the Committee (3 Council Members and 9 Youth between the ages of 12 - 25).  Terms are for 1 year.