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Okay, so what IS back-in angle parking and why is it being implemented?Back In Postcard FRONT copy
As part of the Take Back The Riverbank project, back-in angle has been introduced on King Street between Old Bridge and Phoenix Street. 

Back-in angle parking is exactly what it sounds like: parking spaces on an angle to the street that are designed to have vehicles back-in in order to park.

There are several reasons why back-in angle parking was chosen for this part of King Street.

First, it's a more efficient use of space! Traditional parallel parking takes up more curbside space, so back-in angle parking allows us to accommodate more cars on the street!

Back-in angle parking can be done in three easy steps:
1) When you're approaching an open space, slow and signal your intent to turn.
2) Stop just ahead of the parking space.
3) Reverse and turn into the space.

Something to remember: Treat back-in angle parking the same way you would treat parallel parking -- never cross the yellow centreline to pull nose-first into a back-in angle parking space on the "wrong" side of the road. It's illegal and you will receive a ticket.

When it's time to go, the added benefit of back-in angle parking is that your car is already pointing forward, nose-out, facing the street, so you have a clear field of vision in all directions and it's easy to see if there is traffic coming toward.

Also, it's important to remember that back-in angle parking is only being used for only the 11 spaces between Old Bridge and Phoenix Street. South and north on King Street, standard curbside parallel parking still exists, plus you have larger parking lots such as the North Parkade, the Town Centre Lot, and the O'Neill Parking Lot. In total, in and around Downtown Bridgewater there are more than 250 public and permit parking spaces on the West side of the LaHave River alone, so you have plenty of parking options to choose from!


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