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The Generations Active Park Off-Leash Committee is fundraising with the goal of opening Phase 1A of an off-leash park in Bridgewater (next to the HB Studios Sports Centre). To date, the Committee has begun the process of selling stainless steel dog bones which will be engraved in honour of your pets.

These bones will be affixed permanently to the fencing around the park and serve as a long-term, special dedication to your pet, while providing much needed funds to open the park.
COST: Small Dog Bone 6.25"x3.5" - $25 each; Large Dog Bone 12.5"x7" - $50 each.
PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY AT THE BRIDGEWATER TOWN HALL. Order forms can be downloaded from the attached PDF.
For a look at the Generations Active Park Master Plan, go to Parks & Trails located on the home page, under Facilities.
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