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Take Back The Riverbank - Project Update

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February 29, 2016: For immediate release



This is the first formal update on the Take Back The Riverbank project for the 2016 year. The primary purpose of this release is to communicate the current timeline of events, which is detailed below.

Take Back The Riverbank kicked off with the tear-down of the South Parkade in November of 2015. Within about a month, the parkade was removed from the site of the future waterfront public space.

The next phase of Take Back The Riverbank will begin in the spring, continuing through the summer and into the fall months of 2016.

During this time, the following components will be completed:

- Upgrading of the sanitary, storm, and water lines beneath King Street. Sanitary and storm lines will be separated as part of this process, improving the efficiency of the Town's wastewater-treatment system.

- Construction of the new waterfront public space.

- After the underground work is complete, on-street improvements will be completed, including curb bump-outs and reverse-angle parking.


The tender call for the project was issued on February 19, with a close-date set for March 17. We hope to award the contract for the work by the end of March.

The start date for the project contract is scheduled to be early April – HOWEVER, that does not mean that construction on King Street will be starting right away in April. Work will first begin on the development of the full construction plan, including detailed project timelines, to guide us through 2016.

After the contract is awarded, and as proposed timelines are developed, the Town of Bridgewater will provide that information as soon as possible to merchants, customers, and the general public.


- The contract for construction of the next phase of Take Back The Riverbank will be awarded by the end of March.

- A detailed timeline for construction will be released in April.

- King Street businesses in the construction area (between Old Bridge and Dufferin Street) will remain accessible on foot during much of the project. However, there will be times when, due to construction and related safety issues, access will not be possible. These disruptions will be short term in duration and businesses will be notified in advance.

- Signage will be erected indicating all businesses within the construction area are open during the project.

- At the end of the project, King Street will still be open to two-way traffic.

- On-street parking will still be available on King Street north of Old Bridge during construction, as well as at the North Parkade, Town Centre Lot, and O’Neill Lot – for more information on parking availability in Downtown Bridgewater, you can click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town of Bridgewater Planning Department This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phoning 902-541-4388.

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