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Take Back The Riverbank -- Project Update, April 12, 2016

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Take Back The Riverbank – Project update


April 12, 2016

BRIDGEWATER – Town Council for the Town of Bridgewater officially awarded the contract for this year’s major King Street redevelopment project, known as the Take Back The Riverbank, to Mid Valley Construction (1997) Ltd. on Monday night.

The total value of the bid submitted by Mid Valley Construction is $4,143,293.21 (net HST). Mid Valley Construction was the lowest of five bids, which ranged as high as $7.99 million in value.

The project components include the installation of new water, sanitary, and storm water lines in the block of King Street between Champlain Bridge (the Old Bridge) and Dufferin Street; the reconstruction of the street, including new sidewalks, with traffic-slowing curb bump-outs and reverse-angle parking stalls; and a riverside public space.

With the contract awarded, Town staff will now begin working with the contractor to develop a detailed construction plan for the project, which will take place beginning later this spring and run through the fall.

It is estimated that the construction plan will take approximately one month to develop. In addition to detailed planning, a great deal of pre-construction work must be undertaken as well.

One of the key pre-construction elements will be pre-condition assessments of every building in the work zone carried out by a third-party company. Pre-condition assessment professionals will study and record the building structures and basements of each building in the work zone as a requirement of the contract.

It is expected that work on the Take Back The Riverbank project will begin on King Street by mid-May.

Mayor David Walker said that it’s exciting to see nearly two years of planning from the Town’s end finally coming to fruition.

“The hard work is really just beginning, but we’re making a major public investment in downtown Bridgewater and we are confident that private investment will follow. We’re going to have a healthier downtown in the long run because of the vision our Council and our community share,” Mayor Walker said.

Larry Hood, the project manager for the Town of Bridgewater, said the priority is to get the street and below-street work done, and that work on the riverbank park element will likely be the second component.

Once the detailed construction plan is developed, the Town’s project management team will be reaching out to the merchant community and the general public to provide key timeline information.

Patrick Hirtle, the Town of Bridgewater’s communications coordinator, said that communicating construction information and helping businesses through the disruption that will be caused by the work is a priority for Town Council.

“It’s really important that our businesses know that they can count on the Town for information prior to and during construction. If we don’t have the answers, we’ll get them,” Mr. Hirtle said. “It’s all part of helping to make sure that the public knows all of King Street is staying open for business during the project.”

For more information, please contact:

Mayor David Walker
Town of Bridgewater

Patrick Hirtle, Communications Coordinator
Town of Bridgewater