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Positive response to dry well challenges in Lunenburg County

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REMO: Positive response to dry well challenges in Lunenburg County


September 21, 2016

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and there’s perhaps no better example of that than the response to the recent near-draught conditions seen across the five partner municipalities under the umbrella of Lunenburg County’s Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO).

While three municipalities within REMO (the Town of Bridgewater, Town of Lunenburg, and Town of Mahone Bay) do not have a shortage of water supply, many residents in the two other partners units – the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) and the Municipality of the District of Chester (MODC) – are coping with dwindling water supplies resulting from the extremely dry conditions.

In keeping with its “neighbor helping neighbor” policy, REMO has worked to help established some self-serve water refilling stations and free shower facilities for residents of rural areas who may find themselves with dry wells and challenging conditions.

Heather MacKenzie-Carey, the Lunenburg County REMO Coordinator, said that the response from all three towns, a number of businesses, and provincial bodies to supply help to rural neighbors has been a beacon of community spirit, cooperation, and hope.

“This has been a really great example of government and business partnerships working well to quickly address community issues,” she said.

For a list of available resources go to: www.modl.ca and www.chester.ca, or follow @RegionalEMO on Twitter, or see the attached list below.

You can also help REMO to track dry wells by filling out the survey on the MODL and MODC websites or by calling your local municipal office.

For more information, contact:

Heather MacKenzie-Carey
Regional Emergency Management Coordinator- Lunenburg Co.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
902 543-8650

List of Resource Sites

Mahone Bay Marina and Wharf
684 Main St. Mahone Bay water container refill at wharf tap
Showers 9am-9pm (bring personal soap, towels etc)

Grave’s Island Provincial Park
230 Graves Island Road Chester
Sunday thru Thursday 10am-8pm
Water refill & showers available (check in at registration office)

Rissers Beach Provinical Park
5366 Hwy 331, Crescent Beach
Water refill tap & showers available
Sunday thru Thursday 10am-8pm
(check in at registration desk)

Sites Added Sept. 16, 2016

Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center (LCLC)
135 North Park St.
Showers & drinking water bottle refill
(Register at guest services counter)

Shipyard’s Landing
210 King St.
Self-serve water bottle refilling station

TIR Hebbville Base
469 Jubilee Road
Monday- Friday 7:00am-4:30pm
Water container refilling

Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground
11 Blockhouse Hill Road
Town of Lunenburg
Self-serve water container refilling

Michelin Social Club
221 Logan Road Bridgewater
Showers & drinking water bottle refill
During normal hours of operation www.michelinsocialclub.com

Please note, for all sites, water refill is for residential use only (no bulk trucks). Residents must supply and fill their own containers and bring any personal care shower supplies required.