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Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee

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Volunteer Opportunity:

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity to make a difference in your community? Why not consider serving as a member of the newly formed Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee for Lunenburg County.

The Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee provides advice to the municipal councils in Lunenburg County on identifying, preventing and eliminating barriers to people with disabilities in municipal programs, services, initiatives and facilities.  The committee plays a pivotal role in helping the municipalities to become barrier-free communities that complies with Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act (2017).

At least one half of the members of the advisory committee must have a disability or represent an organization that represents people with disabilities. 

Disability includes a physical, mental, intellectual, learning, or sensory impairment—including an episodic disability—that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders an individual’s full and effective participation in society.

Applications are available each of the Municipalities websites or can be picked up at the District of Chester, District of Lunenburg, Town of Bridgewater, Town of Mahone Bay and the Town of Lunenburg’s offices.  The deadline for applications is June 28, 2019.   Your completed application may be submitted by mail, in person, or by email to:

Address:              Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, ATTN:  Trudy Payne, 210 Aberdeen Road, Bridgewater NS B4V 4G8              

E-mail:                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject line:       Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee Volunteer

For more information about the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee, refer to the Terms of Reference posted on each Municipalities website; or contact Trudy Payne at 902-541-1333; or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..