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Potential water disruption notice

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From April 27 to 29, a contractor engaged by the Public Service Commission of Bridgewater will begin work on improvements to the water transmission mains connecting Bridgewater’s Hebb Lake low lift pump station to the water treatment plant.

This is a complex project and it is possible that the supply of water to the town could be impacted during work. In that event, residents and businesses may be asked to temporarily conserve water for essential purposes only – this means that water customers would be asked to avoid non-essential water use by not watering lawns or washing cars, limiting loads of laundry, etc.

Right now, you can continue using your water as usual. During the work window next week, we would encourage you to regularly check social media and listen to local radio for any updates related to this project.

In the event that there is a temporary water disruption as a result of this important service upgrade, the Public Service Commission will communicate additional information to water customers via Town of Bridgewater website, social media, local media, and the Town of Bridgewater’s iBridgewater app.

For details on how to download the Town’s app, please visit www.bridgewater.ca/ibridgewater.