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Important Notice re: Change to Water Accounts

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At the September 8, 2011 meeting of the Public Service Commission of Bridgewater, in accordance with the rules and regulations as approved by the NS Utility & Review Board, a motion was made "that no new accounts in the names of tenants be opened and all new accounts in the name of tenants be converted to accounts in the names of the owners of the properties by March 31, 2013".

Commencing in the coming weeks, new water accounts will be opened only in the property owner's name.  Existing water accounts that are in the names of tenants will be switched over to the property owner's name over the next several months.  Water deposits will be refunded to the tenants at the time the account is removed from their name, provided their account is paid in full.  There will NOT be a $50.00 connection fee to change the account into the name of the property owner.  Both tenants and property owners will be notified at the time an account is affected by this change.