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Active Transportation

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External Resources:

Let’s Get Moving Nova Scotia


The province has created a plan to encourage and support Nova Scotians to move more, and sit less, more often. This plan buildings on the federal Let’s Get Moving document. It encourages movement through daily activities like walking to work or school, as well as organized sport and recreation. 

A Common Vision for Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Living in Canada: Let’s Get Moving


Canada’s first singular policy focused on physical activity and its relationship to sport, recreation, health and other relevant policy areas, is aiming to guide the country towards more physical activity and less sedentary living.

Bicycle Nova Scotia


This provincial not for profit organization collaborates with local government and other organizations to promote cycling culture, improve infrastructure, and strengthen the cycling community in Nova Scotia.

Ecology Action Centre (EAC) – Active Transportation Resources


The EAC transportation team works to increase the use of transportation modes, like walking, cycling, and transit use in Nova Scotia. Their AT resource section has a number of policy documents, design resources, and information on programs and initiatives.

Bridgewater Active Transportation Brochure

A community-friendly brochure that explains what "active transportation" is, why Bridgewater is supporting it, what the benefits are for the community, and what active transportation improvements you can expect to see in Bridgewater in the coming years. (2.4 MB PDF file)

The Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities has produced an excellent educational video on the benefits of active transportation, and highlighted best practices in its use in Nova Scotia.

Calculate your neighbourhood's "walkability" using this free online tool!  Just how walking-friendly is Bridgewater?  Find out for yourself!

Withing Bridgewater:

Bridgewater Transit


Active transportation might not be the first thing you think of when you think of transit, but using transit incorporates walking to and from bus stops, and even provides an option to link up your bicycle trips with the bus.

In August of 2010, 300 households in Bridgewater completed a telephone survey on the topic of active transportation.  The survey was designed to be a "baseline" of people's general active transportation behaviours and attitudes, and will be used to evaluate changes in the furture.  Click on the title of the survey above to download the final report in its entirity (25 pages), or download a 3 page Default summary and staff report (110 KB) .

In August of 2013, a second telephone survey was conducted to follow up on the 2010 results.  This time, 350 households in Bridgewater were contacted by telephone and asked to provide information about their general active transportation behaviours and attitudes.  In addition, a number of new areas of evaluation were added to the survey: sidewalks in the downtown, share-the-road signage, shared bicycle lanes, and use of the Centennial Trail.  Information collected will be used to inform Bridgewater's active transportation programming and infrastructure developments.  Click on the title of the survey above to download the final report in its entirity (32 pages), or download a 4 page Default summary and staff report (195 KB) .

This brochure shows safe routes to Bridgewater Elementary School for walking and wheeling children, and is packed with safety tips and information. It was produced by the School Travel Planning committee of Bridgewater Elementary School. This information was compiled in partnership with parents and school sta, as well as safety partners in the community including the Town of Bridgewater, the Bridgewater Active Transportation Committee, the Bridgewater Police Department, and South Shore Health. These partners are committed to making walking and wheeling to school a safe and convenient choice for as many families as possible.

Active Transportation in Bridgewater - It's Easier Than You Think!

Improve your life by walking or cycling around the community of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia! Get healthy, save money, and help the environment... it's all possible using "active transportation"! This video was produced by the Bridgewater Active Transportation Committee (Town of Bridgewater). Video by Brittany MacNeil.