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Active Transportation

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Share the Road

Share This!

The Town of Bridgewater has installed "Share the Road" signs in various locations throughout the community. The signs raise awareness of the fact that cyclists have an equal right be present on all public roads in the community, just as drivers do.

bridgewater shared bicycle lanes map

share the road graphic
In addition, the Town has created several "Shared Bicycle Lanes".  These routes have been upgraded to improve safety for cyclists and drivers through the addition of increased signage as well as bicycle symbols on the street.  There are currently 2 shared bicycle lane routes in town:

  • On Glen Allan Dr between LaHave St and Nafthal Dr - this route is approximately 1.6km in length and was installed in 2010.
  • On North Park St, York St, and Alexandra Ave - this route is approximately 3km in length and was installed in 2012.
Both shared bicycle lanes connect with the Centennial Trail (a great route for cyclists).  Together, they link many important residential, recreational, and business areas of the town, and and provide convenient cycling routes to other communities. Click on the image on the left to download a copy of the routes map.

Using shared bicycle lanes is easy!  Click on the information graphic on the left for basic instructions.  As always, exercise safety and follow the rules of the road at all times.  Here are some additional tips for cyclists and drivers:

Important safety reminders for cyclists:

  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory in Nova Scotia
  • Only children are permitted to cycle on sidewalks
  • Follow the rules of the road.  Use correct hand signals
  • Cycling safety training is being taught to gr. 5 students at BES, and can be offered to others (call 902-442-5055 for more information)
  Important safety reminders for drivers:

  • Obey the posted speed limits.  Speed limits in school zones will be reduced to 30km/hr in NS in the Fall of 2012.
  • By law, you must leave at least 1m (3ft) of room when passing a cyclist.  You may cross the yellow centre line when passing a cyclist if it is safe to do so